Queen of fitness, Dr. Angel Tong and her secret to long lasting youth


Dr. Angel Tong showed her face of content when this cute Hello Kitty sweet bun slipped into her mouth. “This is what fans do!” said Dr. Tong, while taking a few selfies from different angles. Dr. Angel Tong is a legend. She started her own business when she was 19 and nurtured one of the Asian top models, Ms. Lin Chi-ling into popularity. Being the pioneer of using movie stars as role models for healthy weight loss programs, her beauty kingdom now spans across Hong Kong and Taiwan and she wrote books that sold million copies around the world. Her supporters came for her effective yet healthy approach to beauty and slimming, as well as for her unique philosophy of life.


Dressed in casual jeans, Dr. Angel Tong showed her child at heart with her exciting “wows” when every dish arrived. “I have been a huge fan of Hello Kitty since I was a child and I love every Hello Kitty dish here. I had travelled to many Hello Kitty themed restaurants but this is the only one with Chinese elements. I am thrilled to have special Hong Kong dim sums here, I really hope this place will become a Hong Kong tourist attraction!”


She appreciated how Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine has infused the concept of healthy living into the restaurant. They are planning to add new healthy dishes such as wolfberries soda, fresh mushrooms and vegetables cooked in light coconut oil and milk into their menu. “The owner of Chinese Cuisine aims at promoting healthy diet with the aid of the popular icon Hello Kitty. I think this is essential when youngsters nowadays care only about taste but not their health. Many chronic diseases which used to occur only in elderly such as diabetes and heart diseases are having earlier onsets in recent years, and we must improve the situation.”


The queen of fitness loves chubby bodies

Dr. Angel Tong considers healthy diet an essential part of her life. Her usual diet mostly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables with Chinese herbal tea to dewet fluid in the body. “I bring along Jujube Longan Tea when I go out.” Dr. Tong is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and studied Chinese Medicine Nutrition Studies at the University of Hong Kong. She was even a fitness trainer in her early years and that’s when she started her own philosophy of healthy living. “I started enzyme diet years ago and I drink it every day. Enzymes are keeping me young and resilient from getting fat as it facilitates digestion and breaks down free radicals in our bodies. I also consume black garlics everyday together with cold-pressed fish oil and bilberry powders. I also make a really yummy and satisfying ‘full-fat noodle’ using 10-grain noodles seasoned with coconut oil and soy sauce!”


Plastic surgeries are common today in the beauty world. Surprisingly, our fitness goddess suggests the opposite. “I am proud of how my face and body looks at this age, my skin is translucent and glows naturally even when I am make-up free.”  She told us it is true that injections can make skin look firmer when we age. But she detests early dependence on plastic surgeries at young age. “I have fine lines when I smile, some movie stars overdid their faces so they look stiff. I don’t think they are beautiful at all.”


Once a fitness trainer, she knows better that too much exercise only makes you age faster. She suggests a change of diet to lose weight. “My friends whom I met when I was a fitness trainer are still skinny but they look older than I am now.” Dr. Tong explained that light jogging, yoga, detox sweating, qigong and meditation are the best solutions to a healthy body. Vigorous exercising to lose weight do more harm than good. Our fitness queen emphasized, “women are beautiful with a healthy body shape, not an overly skinny body with dry and old skin.”


Say NO to antibiotics

Healthy living is a core value to Dr. Angel Tong, she thinks it is very important to start a healthy diet for her daughter since early childhood. “My daughter Janice is 9 years old now. She had never taken any antibiotics since birth.” Dr. Tong told us she wants her daughter to take in natural nutrients and strengthen her own immune system instead of relying on medicines.


From her observations, children’s fondness to candies and junk food were often the consequence of faulty parenting tactics. “Many adults would say to small children, ‘let me take you to Mc D’s if you behave.’ For me, I would reward my daughter with fruit salads or vegetables in Hello Kitty shapes and she really looks forward to it!”

Raised with healthy diet and mild taste preference, Dr. Tong’s daughter is not interested in junk food and even rejects when her friends give her snacks.


Live naturally and free

Most surprisingly of all, Dr. Angel Tong not only drinks sodas, she also eats pork brains and fatty pork! “Sometimes I indulge myself too. I still remember when I first visited Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, I was so excited I ordered every single dish! I had soda because sometimes our bodies do need sugars.” She also added, “I have always believed in what my body is telling me; it tells me what it needs. Occasional indulgence does not harm as most of the time I don’t eat much and I eat light.” Balance is everything.

Dr. Tong spent most of her life quite different from ordinary people. While most young 19- year-olds are busy going to school, dating and daydreaming about idols, she was already struggling in adults’ world. “I started my business when I was 19. I had business meetings with heavy make-up on and as I always say, I spent most of my youth doing business.”


Life is full of twists and turns. Dr. Tong was glad to recover what she missed when her daughter was born 9 years ago. Dr. Tong was able to spend most of her time with her family as a housewife. As her daughter grows up, she can now enjoy a more youthful lifestyle in a different country. “My business has been running for 28 years and it is on track. I am enjoying my life and splitting my time between Hong Kong and Korea.” Tired of being a career woman, Dr. Tong is enjoying her simple life as a student in Korea. “I am staying in a student studio. The house is clean with the size of a hotel room and its rent is cheap. My brother tried to rent me a big house but all I want is a simple life.”


Simple lifestyle in Korea

From the excitement and sparkles from Dr. Tong’s eyes, we can feel her love for the simple Korean life. “All my friends are ordinary students and they have no idea who I am. My meals cost less than HKD100 and all my friends treat me as an ordinary girl!”, she repeated, “I am so excited!”


“I am so glad I can still afford a youthful life!” We often “afford” by means of money but in Dr. Tong’s eyes, she affords her life by “energy, looks and a young heart”, all of which came from her perseverance in maintaining her healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Today we can see her glow from inside to outside, and there’s nothing artificial about it.


唐安麒 (Angel Tong)
chairman of ANGEL FACE

==Educational attainment==
* Doctor of Business Administration(Honoris Causa)
* Doctor of Natural Medicine of World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners (Certified Natural Health Practitioner of Canadian Examining Board)
* The University of Hong Kong, Division of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine Cuisine for Chefs
* Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Instructor’s course on exercise and weight control

* Chairman of Chinese Medicine Management Committee of Yan Chai Hospital 2000-2001

* The President’s Volunteer Service Award
* The Society For Professional Management Award
* China Outstanding Woman Award