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減肥只是一個目的,健康養生keep fit才是應有的生活態度。獲Face of Hong Kong邀任客席評判之一,令我深感榮幸又興奮,皆因既可近距離感受年青人活力,又可以向公眾及一眾模特兒新星分享我的健康瘦身理念。扮靚,是我的專業,由做囡、現成為了媽媽,從扮靚美容到湊女,生活除了健美之外,還令我深深體會到「健康」的重要,吃得健康就是擁有美麗容顏、強健體魄的第一步。希望透過Face of Hong Kong這個平台,能讓更多人明白「健康才是美」。

Dubbed as the queen of fitness, Dr Angel Tong is a naturally-born perfectionist and entrepreneur, starting her own business at the mere age of 19. She is now the CEO of an international beauty corporation, and over the years Angel has also taken on the role of being a best-selling author of beauty and slimming books, with over 1 million copies sold worldwide. She had also hosted various talk shows to share her professional knowledge in beauty, slimming and anti-aging. Angel was most well-known for transforming Ms Lin Chi-Ling from an ordinary “girl next door” into Asia’s top model through her specialized diet and slimming programs.

Although Angel works in the slimming industry, she believes that people should not blindly follow fads and trends just to reach a certain weight goal. She is an advocate of “healthy slimming” and she opposes extreme dieting and exercises or the inappropriate use of weight loss drugs. With years of research and experiences, she incorporated the essences of naturopathic practices and Chinese medicine nutrition principles to develop the healthy meal plan, “Angel Natural Diet”, which has successfully helped millions of followers to regain their perfect body weight and, more importantly, restore their health.

Angel’s Health Tips
Throughout my years working in the beauty and slimming industry, I have witnessed countless women losing their quality of life because of an obsession to extreme diet, where all they do is count calories and carbs and fats just so they can see a certain number on the scale. Being naturally slim and healthy is good, but purposefully reducing your body fat to an extreme low is very unhealthy, nor do I think it’s attractive, as most often you would become malnourished, making your skin dull and lacklustre. Why would anyone want that?

Weight loss is not a goal; it is merely a step one can take towards achieving the true goal of optimal health. I am very honoured to be invited by Face of Hong Kong to be one of the judges for the contest, as I am grateful for the opportunity to witness the talents and passions of these young models, as well as share my healthy living philosophies with everyone. Aesthetics is my life-long career, but as a mother to my daughter and a teacher to my supporters, bringing health to everyone is my ultimate life-long goal. Through this platform provided by Face of Hong Kong, I hope more people can hear and understand my philosophy: “health is the new beauty”.